The Gleaner

The Gleaner

Hope is the thing with Feathers

The earth spins and we hope

The answer to the riddle is hope

I hope for hope where there is none

(Lines from Hope soundtrack used for inspiration.)

This Gleaner emerges from an underworld of words and sounds of nature from the Hope Project soundtrack*.  Through connecting with nature in a cyclical vision of time, she gives hope for a world where we re-attribute value to what has been decreed worthless.

The Gleaner gathers the discarded and the overlooked just as peasant women would gather left over grain and fruits from the harvest.   In the tradition of still life painting, each object she has gleaned from the re-melted facial hair wax and wordless scrolled strips of newspaper to the green tree fruits, dried flowers and dessicating petals are symbols of the transcience of life communicating their own messages of hope.  

*the Hope project was a collaboration between a sound artist and Rick Sanders who curated the exhibition after inviting 20 artists to respond to a soundtrack compiled from messages of hope left on a telephone answering machine during the Covid pandemic lockdown in 2020